KC Crossroads

214 W 21stSOLD - 214 W 21st St

Evergreen Real Estate Services represented the buyer at auction of this 4,900 Sq Ft triangle shaped building.  It was purchased as a raw, unfinished building.  The appealing features were large window openings in exposed brick walls, steel columns and exposed timber ceiling joists.  It has since been named an award winning remodel for an architectural firms office.


1517-Walnut-Main-PhotoSOLD TWICE - 1517 Walnut

Pat Murfey represented the seller and buyer of 1517 Walnut in 2003.  He represented the seller in a direct transaction in 2012.  This 16,500 Sq Ft warehouse now houses a lower level garage with two retail spaces.  The second floor consists of six apartments.  The owners built their home on a portion of the roof.


1522-McGeeSOLD - 1522 McGee

Pat represented the seller of this 10,000 Sq Ft warehouse to Crosstown Station in 2006.  At the time of the sale, the building was completely raw with the exception of new windows and exterior doors.  Crosstown built it out for a music venue and later sold the building to a church.


1526 LocustSOLD - 1526 Locust

This 3,200 Sq Ft warehouse housed a metal plating business in 2003 when Pat represented the seller.  The buyer was an insurance company who has since sold the building to U-Haul.



1524 CharlotteSOLD TWICE - 1524 Charlotte

Pat represented an electrical company in buying this 6,400 Sq Ft concrete block office / flex warehouse in 2002.  It's a bit of a rarity in the Crossroads having ample parking on an 80' x 122.5' asphalt lot.  Evergreen Real Estate Services represented the seller in a direct transaction in 2013.


1717-OakSOLD - 1717 Oak

Pat represented the buyer of 1717 Oak in the heart of the recession.  We negotiated a lease to with the owner in the spring of 2010 at a time when no one could get financing.  The buyer took occupancy purchasing the furniture from the seller and sharing space in a open work environment.  The buyer purchased the building when the financial market grew stronger.


1919-BaltimoreSOLD - 1919 Baltimore

Pat represented the buyer of 1919 Baltimore in 2003.  At the time of purchase, the building was in relatively  rough condition with beat up sheetrock in the front offices and a dirty warehouse.  The buyer gutted the interior exposing the brick walls and steel bow truss structure and made it hip.


2131Wash_MAINSOLD - 2131 Washington

This is a 50' x 120' (6,000SF) single story building.  It boasts a 12,000SF, thirty-two stall, fenced and nicely landscaped parking lot.  Four big skylights provide natural light to the interior.  These skylights can be closed down with motorized "door covers" if natural light is not desired.  Pat represented the seller in 2004 when it was a raw warehouse without even a water line.


2615-HolmesLEASED - 2615 Holmes

In 2007, Pat represented the tenant to lease this 6,865 Sq Ft Warehouse.  It was the first building Barney Karbank ever built and was still a raw warehouse.  We negotiated new windows, new offices and new lighting throughout.  We also negotiated a buyout clause after three years of the five year lease.  In the heart of the recession in 2010, the tenant exercised the buyout clause and purchased a troubled asset teetering on foreclosure.


1517 Oak (1)SOLD - 1517 Oak

Pat represented the seller of this two-story, 7,480 Sq Ft warehouse in 2003.  It was since been converted from a metal plating business in to two homes and an art gallery.


1523-OakSOLD - 1523 Oak

Pat represented five of the six businesses displaced by the Kansas City Star printing press in purchasing their new property.  An older gentlemen owned 1523 Oak with no interest in selling primarily due to anticipated capital gains.  Working with the owner's son, Pat developed a strategy for the seller to agree to sell the building.  Proceeds from the sale were gifted to his grandchildren and eliminated capital gains.


1811-BaltimoreLEASED - 1809 - 1811 Baltimore

Pat represented the owners of the building when their business sold and moved out.  At the time, the two storefront building was a maze of offices.  Pat field measured the property and put a plan into the marketing material to illustrate what potential tenants were getting.  Pat negotiated a ten year lease to a construction company who completely gutted the building exposing the brick and timber structure.  New roof, new storefront and parking lot completed the improvements.


1701 BroadwayLEASED - 1702 Broadway

In 2015, Evergreen represented a local printing business looking to expand into large format printing.  The search included North Kansas City and the East Bottoms.  We found the perfect space in another printing companies extra warehouse space walking distance from their main building on Baltimore.


601 Truman RdSOLD - 601 E. Truman Rd

Evergreen Real Estate Services represented the owners in the sale of this 22,475 Sq Ft masonry and steel building in the spring of 2015.  The Phase I  Environmental Report showed the location of a former filling station in the northeast parking lot.  The possibility of three fuel tanks remained on the site.  Pat successfully lobbied Kansas City's Brown Field Commission and received a $23,500 grant to pay for the remediation and subsequently close the transaction.


1701-OakLEASED - 1701 Oak

Evergreen Real Estate Services represented Susan Richards Johnson Architects in their on and off three year search for the perfect property for their office relocation.  The 3,654 Sq Ft vacant corner office space of 1701 Oak proved to be the ideal location providing street level access and signage.


2536-W-PennwayLEASED TWICE - 2536 W Pennway

Pat represented two tenants in leasing the 24,000 Sq Ft open warehouse of 2536 W. Pennway.  One was in 2004 to an antique store and again in 2015 to an indoor sports and recreation business.  The indoor recreation business was a tough search requirement.  Once identifying W. Pennway, the challenge was getting the required number of off-street parking spaces.  Eventually, Kansas City's board of Zoning and Adjustment granted a variance to the minimum requirement.


1513-Oak-Main-PhotoSOLD - 1513 Oak

1513 Oak is an 11,682 Sq Ft clear span, brick building comprised of three 3,894 Sq Ft floors.  The sellers had their business on the lower two levels and lived on the top floor.  This is a unique property that took a buyer who wanted what it had to offer.  Evergreen Real Estate Services negotiated a direct transaction to the buyers in the spring of 2015.  They've made the Crossroads their home.


1235-SW-BlvdSOLD - 1235 SW Blvd

Pat was contacted in the summer of 2015 by a Texas based roof manufacturing company looking for land to build a KC Metro distribution facility.  After showing their president vacant properties, Pat suggested looking at the existing 13,056 Sq Ft building at 1235 SW Blvd.  Previously insisting that they wanted to build, the roofing manufacturer was under contract to purchase within a week and closed July 30th, 2015.


901 W 17thSOLD - 901 W 17th St

901 W 17th Street was a 21,714 Sq Ft warehouse offered for sale with a 16,380 Sq Ft vacant residential lot on Madison.  The warehouse was very rough.  It was comprised of a double bow truss roof, masonry walls and a dirt floor.  Evergreen Real Estate Services marketed the property as a redevelopment opportunity.  After receiving a flurry of interest, it went under contract and sold in a direct transaction to a local multi-family / mixed-use developer in the fall of 2015.


1508 Holmes_MAINSOLD - 1508 Holmes

1508 Holmes is a 10,000 sq ft brick warehouse that sits on a 50' x 132' lot.  It features two 10' x 12' drive-in doors that provide drive-thru loading to a no nonsense warehouse.  The second floor features an insulated steel truss roof structure that provides for a free-span space.  Evergreen represented the seller in a direct transaction in the fall of 2015.


SOLD - 1608 Locust

1608 Locust is a three building complex divisible to 3,566, 6,534 & 14,400 sq ft.  This 24,500 sq ft complex has 3,500 sq ft of two story offices.  The north paved lot is 3,564 sq ft and the south paved and fenced lot is 15,840 sq ft.  The main building features 24' clear ceiling height and a two ton crane running the length of the building in the north 50' column bay.  Evergreen represented the bank that owned the property in a direct transaction in 2013.


519 CEsar ChavezSOLD - 519 Cesar Chavez

Pat represented a computer software business in their property search in the summer of 2013.  He identified several properties in the Crossroads that could have fit their requirement but were not quite right.  With a better understanding of their needs, Pat suggested 529 Cesar Chavez.  They closed on this 5,100 Sq Ft very nicely improved building and all of it's existing furniture and fixtures in late summer 2015.


1812-Charlotte-Main-PhotoSOLD TWICE - 1812 Charlotte

Pat represented the seller of 1812 Charlotte in 2006.  At the time it was the home to a transmission shop and a body shop.  Evergreen represented the seller again in 2015.  This time it sold as a tastefully restored 4,000 Sq Ft office, flex warehouse, semi-improved apartment and a 4,000 Sq Ft covered and secured parking facility renovated in 2006-07.


1625-Locust NEW MAINLEASED - 1625 Locust

This 6,750 sq ft single story free span warehouse was the home to an auto parts distributor since the 1950's.  Pat represented the owners in 2011 in a lease to a contractor who secured the building and constructed new offices and restrooms in the facility.